Varsity and Venture Scouts mark your 2016 Calendar for Thursday June 23rd to Saturday June 25th.  It’s the Yuma Stake Varsity/Venture High Adventure Camp - Hike, Jump, Swim down the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon!  For all Stake Young Men 14 and older.  Swimming merit badge is required for youth.  Adults must be good swimmers.  This is a downhill hike, jump and swim event that covers roughly 12+ miles down the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon.  All participants will get wet and at times must be able to pull their own floating equipment across deep pools of water. 

Here is the plan, (subject to change as we get a bit closer)  Thursday – drive to camp in the Flagstaff vicinity, afternoon/evening activities, camp overnight.  Friday    - drop off at top of West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, hike, jump, swim to camping spot along water.  Saturday – hike, jump, swim to the bottom of the West Fork, eat a fabulous lunch, take group pictures and selfies, head home.  Bring your own meals and gear.  Cost estimate, at this point, $50 per Scout.  Need more information?  Contact our Stake Young Men President – Howard Sorensen and/or 1st Counselor Quentin Sorenson.   

Then, the very next week…

For all Stake Young Men/Scouts 12-17…  The 2016 Yuma Stake Aaronic Priesthood / Scout Camp at Camp Schoepe at Lost Valley (specifically Camp Grace area) is Monday June 27 to Saturday July 2, 2016.  The Stake has paid a deposit and made a reservation for your troop to attend!  $385 per scout, all meals included and the Stake has set aside $100 that will be applied to decrease the amount due for each registered scout.  Parents, please let your Scoutmaster know if your son is able to participate so he can submit participant information to the Camp Schoepe Camp Director.  Please visit the Camp Schoepe at Lost Valley website for more info.   See you there!  Need more information?  Contact our Stake Young Men Secretary Lorin Hansen.

2016 Aaronic Priesthood / Scout Camp - Preliminary Information

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The Church organized the Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association (YMMIA) in 1875, to provide spiritual and cultural activities for the young men of the Church. In 1911 Church leaders decided that Scouting, with is spiritual background and cultural ideas, had great appeal. The MIA Scouts were officially organized. In 1913, the Church formally affiliated with Scouting in the United States as its first institutional sponsor. Today, the Church sponsors more Scouts and Scouting units in the U.S. than any other organization. Hundreds of thousands of young men are enrolled in groups or units sponsored by the Church.

Duty to God

Some of the great blessings of these programs,” he added, “. . . are that as the youth of the Church, you will have a clear understanding of who you are, you will be accountable for your actions, you will take responsibility for the conduct of your life, and you will be able to set goals so that you might achieve what you were sent to earth to achieve. Our plea is that you strive to do your very best.”  Elder Hales

“I promise you that [Duty to God] will provide you with a living testimony that will sustain you throughout your life,” Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said in an article in the November 2001 Ensign. “Where available, Scouting can also help you in this effort,” he said.

The partnership of the Aaronic Priesthood and Scouting stretches back nearly a century. The Church officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America in 1913, after the Scouting movement began in England in 1907, spread to many other countries, and was formally started in the United States in 1910. “Where Scouting is authorized by the Church, quorums may participate in Scouting activities during Mutual. Scouting should help young men put into practice the gospel principles they learn on Sunday.” Aaronic Priesthood bearers can use Scouting as an activity program to apply the values and put into practice the principles they learn in their quorums.


“If ever there were a time when the principles of Scouting were vitally needed—that time is now.”

President Thomas S. Monson • November 1991 Ensign


“Scouting contributes to a boy’s preparation to hold the priesthood of God. Scout leaders have a sacred responsibility. They help boys learn Scouting principles that also help them live the gospel. We thank each leader as they foster faith in Christ and prepare boys to make temple covenants and become a missionary, husband, and father.” Rosemary M. Wixom • Primary General President

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Scouting in the LDS Church