March 7th
Neglected History

It's remarkable how much of our history has been ignored or distorted, but with a little patience and healthy dose of curiosity, any of us can ferret out the truth!

Ten Brick Wall Strategies for Beginners

Everyone needs a little help and encouragement to jump-start the research, especially on hard-to-solve cases. In this webinar, find 10 brick wall tips that will help every genealogist look at their research challenges in a fresh way.


March 21st
Dropbox for Genealogists

Are you familiar with Dropbox – a program that provides 2 gigabytes of online storage for free? Learn how to sign up for Dropbox, install the program and get started ensuring the safety and security of your genealogy research data.

Ten Brick Wall Strategies for Intermediate Researchers

Ten Intermediate Brick Wall Tips will stretch your research even further. Learn ways to analyze your research, tweak your methodology and encourage you to look for records off the beaten path.




To register you will need a mobile phone or an email account with user name & password.
1.  Go to
2.   On the FamilySearch home page, click “Free Account”

(located in the top right corner).
3.   Fill in information (make a note of your user name & password).
a.   My FamilySearch User                                                        Name______________________________________
b.   My FamilySearch Password_______________________________________
4.   Click “Create an Account”
5.   You will be instructed to go to your email account or your phone to activate your account.


Click sign in. Then click “username” (located under “Sign In”)
Click “Email” button. Enter email address (must be email address you used in FamilySearch registration). Click “Continue”. Go to your email account to retrieve your user name.
Mobile Number
Click “Mobile Number” button. Enter cell phone number that you used in your FamilySearch registration. Click “Continue”. A text message with your user name will be sent to your cell phone.
Membership Record Number (for LDS Members)
Click “Membership Record Number”. Enter your membership number and your birthdate. Click “Continue”. Your user name will appear on the computer.


Looking for cousins? RelativeFinder is a fun family history experience for families, adults, and youth. The software program developed by BYU helps users find their relationship to famous people in the United States, the LDS Church and to European royalty. And, that’s not all. You can see how you are related to others in the Yuma Arizona Stake. The more members that register, the better the results. To add your name and your family's names go to for registering information. We’ll help you at the Family History Center,



On the Family History Center Computers…
           Click on the “Relative Finder” icon (top right) on desktop page.
On your computer, tablet, etc…
           Go to

1.  Click Login to FamilySearch.
2.  Enter your LDS Account User Name and Password.*
3.  On next page, click Accept.
4.  On the “Welcome! Please Register” page
       a.   Enter your first and last name and email address (they may already be entered).
       b.   Click the box next to “I Agree to the Privacy Policy”.
       c.  Click the box, Submit Registration.

NOTE: The program will now access your FamilySearch Account and calculate your relationship to various people in its database. While this is happening, join the Yuma Arizona Stake group by doing the following.

     1.  On the upper right side of page, hover your cursor above Groups and click Join Group.
     2.  In the search box, enter Yuma Arizona Stake and click Search.
     3.  Click Add.
     4.  Enter the password, workman (all lower case) and click Join.
     5.  Click OK.

To see your relationship to people in the Stake
     1.  On the left side of the page, click the box in front of Yuma Arizona Stake. Click View beside each name to see how you are related.

To see other relationships, uncheck the Yuma Arizona Stake box and check any of the other boxes on the left side of the page.

*If you have forgotten your user name or password or do not have an LDS Account (this is the same one you use on follow directions on the reverse of this page.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Visit the Yuma Family History Center and learn how you can access millions of genealogical records

from all over the world using our on-site resources.

About the Yuma Family History Center

The Yuma Family History Center is a branch of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. It is
open to the public free of charge. Everyone is welcome!


Our center is staffed by volunteers who understand the basic principles of family history research. They can guide you in using the Family History Center’s resources and equipment and can suggest local libraries, archives, and societies that also provide genealogical and historical information.

Planning a Visit to the Yuma Family History Center

If you’re planning a visit to our center to begin your genealogy, write down what you know about the family you want to research—names, dates, and places—and choose a research goal. This will help our volunteers to best assist you. If you’re an experienced family history researcher, you may want to search the online Family History Library Catalog at to see what records are available for your research before visiting our center.

Resources Available

The Yuma Family History Center has a large collection of extended loan films. We also have multiple books about many countries and all states, a collection of immigration books, Native American records, and historical records of Arizona and Yuma County. There is no cost to visit our center or to use our onsite resources, but we charge a small fee for copies, and other materials.


Address: 4300 West 16th Street Yuma, Arizona 85364

Phone: 928.782.6361